4 Crazy Weeks

First, I hope you all had an AMAZING Thanksgiving!! 🦃

I have missed this! Sitting down to talk about things I love ❤️ That’s what I love most about blogging! So what has kept me off of one of my favorite things to do the last 4 weeks? Some unexpected situations with family, some unexpected sickness, having military weekends 3 out of 4 weekends, and on top of that…finals 😂

Here is a quick recap with pictures of course ☺️ And some upcoming blog posts to watch out for this month!

So as I said in my post Family Rock, my Mamaw (Great Grandma) has been home on hospice for some months now. However, this past month has been the hardest because she’s gotten a lot weaker. It’s hard to see such a strong woman be so weak 😢 She is doing better this week though 🙂

Another thing we found out this last month is that my older nephew that you met in my blog post Pumpkin Babies is autistic. We are hoping therapy helps him with his communication and different things like that. Once we found out, it definitely made a lot of things make more sense that he does. We are just figuring out how to adjust things to help him now ❤️

The last big family thing, I am only going to talk about briefly. Most that know me know about the wreck my brother and sister in law were in back in June. A young man fell asleep at the wheel. My sister in law didn’t make it and my brother was badly injured but thankfully still with us and there for their son (my younger nephew that you meet in my blog post Pumpkin Babies) who turns 1 in less than a week. The sentencing was an emotional day to say the least 💔

These are only 3 things that have happened this last month family wise, but I think you all get the point. Life threw some hard balls our way this month and we are still figuring out how we go how to handle them…

We went to many Thanksgivings including Cody’s Dad’s after work one weekend, my family’s side Wednesday evening, hosted Thanksgiving day for Cody’s Mom’s side Thursday, and then hosted FriendsGiving for our group of friends Sunday after Thanksgiving.

From Wednesday’s Thanksgiving with my family ☺️❤️


I cooked my first turkey that Thursday and didn’t burn it ☺️ Yay!!! We had a great time at all of them through Thursday and then came Friday…Cody got really sick for about 24-48 hours. So between caring for him and him being sick we got the house together for FriendsGiving…which of course is when I got sick. Like so sick that I would wake myself up at night from being in so much pain and needing to get sick. It didn’t start out so bad. I was sick but I was able to handle it bundled up on the couch with my two loving cats ❤️

Cat Mom

Then it got so bad that I couldn’t even go upstairs for the turkey cutting 😢 But my sister took pictures and sent them to me 😊

Turkey Cutting

Despite being sick, FriendsGiving turned out AMAZING for everyone else ☺️ Plus it made me realize how great my friends were that they didn’t mind me passing out on the couch downstairs and they even made sure to check on me, do the dishes before they left so I wouldn’t have to, and just were so sweet. Which is good because I continued to be sick for about 3 more days and doing those dishes were not on my agenda those three days 😂 We made an event on Facebook and everyone just commented on a post of what they were bringing and besides a slight delay with the deep fried turkey, everything went super smoothly!

Friends Giving

Finals kicked my but finishing with an A and a B were worth my time 🙂 I go full time online and they are 8 week classes. Just finished my Associates with these classes and a year away from my Bachelors 😍

Military weekends definitely are tiring because it makes for no days off but they are worth it 🙂 This weekend was definitely fun though because we had our Christmas party and two of my nephews came!

C-17 Christmas
61233E66-FB39-40F6-99C0-52E5D2EF3E4CShout out to Tool and Dye Designs for the perfect Christmas sweaters for this party! Mine has a Mazda RX7 on it and Cody’s has a Nissan 240sx on it 😍 More to come on the awesome sweaters, our upcoming Ugly Sweater Party, super comfy shirts from this shop, our RX7 13B engine rebuild, the Nissan 240sx getting a new turbo, and some super nice new shelves I want to share with you!!

For now though, back to the party 🙂Dregan loved coloring and running around at the front of the plane ❤️

Nephew and C-17

Baby James loved the big plastic bumper balls and the bouncy house ❤️

Bouncy House

I got in with him first to see how he did but he did great on his own too!!

Bouncy House

They got to see Santa 🎅 and Mrs. Clause 🤶 too!!

CE01AB25-E230-49B4-B6A5-66DEFF880084Nephews Meeting Santa and Mrs. Clause

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Until next time, make sure to keep on living and loving life ❤

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