Popping the Question

Whether you are reading this for the cute proposal pictures and videos or because you are thinking of proposing, I hope you enjoy!

The main thing to keep in mind if you are planning to pop the question is it needs to be special. This doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant, just something that is meaningful to you both.

Here is a Unique Ring Box 😍 It doesn’t only have to be used to propose, it could be used to gift a ring to your current wife, your mother, your daughter, or any other special person in your life!

Unique Ring Box

Having a hard time coming up with ideas? Here are a few things you can keep in mind while planning.

Where was your first date? Is there a special place or event where you can get down on one knee at? This guy brought her back to the place they fell in love ❤

A woman usually loves when you put thought into something. Whether it is a nice written letter, making sure to show how much you planned, or spelling “Will You Marry Me” out in the sky, she will likely love to see that you cared enough to put thought into making it special ❤

Is home a special place for you? I know it is for most. So why not make it even more special by being where she says yes? This guy proposed as they were moving into their new home, but you could do something special any day or night!

Home Proposal

Want it to be private but not at home? Plan a place that is romantic and great for pictures. She will thank you for making sure the proposal pictures were as beautiful as the moment ❤

Private Proposal

Want to keep it private but want family and friends to see it? There are so many options to stream nowadays that you could have your cake and eat it too! Going live in a private group could keep it to a small group of people seeing live or if you’re feeling confident and you both love sharing special moments with all your social media friends, you could go live where all your friends and family can see ☺️

If your lady loves her job and the people she works with, why not surprise her in her everyday life with the big question? Obviously customize this to her current job, but this guy included his lady’s entire kindergarten class ❤

Did you meet at work and work together? If you could make a special proposal with this, why not? ❤ Bring her back to where it began. Ellen Degeneres even got in on the fun!

If you both are really close to family, why not include them? ☺️ Maybe even have a party to celebrate!

Engagement Celebration

If they have kids, include them! ❤

Have pets or planning to get a new pet? Include your fur family ❤

Kitten Proposal
Puppy Proposal
Dog Proposal

Do you two have a hobby that you both enjoy together? This could be hiking, sports, music, cars, etc. Whatever makes you two happy doing together would be a great way to pop the question ❤

You have a love story and this is the next chapter to that story! Make it special ❤ No matter what you do, make sure there is a camera there to capture the moment because it is one she is going to want to share with the world when she says YES ☺️

Want something that will make her moment seeing the ring special? 💍 You took so long picking out the perfect ring; it needs to be showcased ☺️

I think this ring box is unique, modern, and classic all at once. How can you go wrong? Even after the engagement, you can set it out as a constant reminder of the happy moment 😍 The little details like this will make her realize you put thought and effort behind planning the day you ask her to be your wife ❤

Not only do I love the look of this box; I also love the quality! The wood and hinges are very well made ☺️ Melissa and Jiun Chiang were absolutely amazing to communicate with and have multiple things in their Etsy Shop  Wanderweg

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Until next time, make sure to keep on living and loving life ❤

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