Planning a Bachelorette Party?

Your friend, sister, cousin, or another special person to you is engaged. You’ve been selected or you’ve volunteered to plan the Bride’s Bachelorette Party. What now?

I am going to tell you all about the ups and downs I experienced while planning my friend’s fun night. Hopefully you can learn something from my success and small hiccups!

Where to start? Guest List.
First, ask the Bride if there are any particular people she wants there. If you know her pretty well and she trusts you, she may know that you will think of everyone who should be there but at least ask her. Once you have her list or you’ve created one, try to think of someone or multiple people she’d love to have there but did not mention. For me, this was a bridesmaid who lived out of state because she didn’t think she’d be able to come. It was a long shot, but guess what! You got it. She flew in for the fun weekend!

You have your list. Now what?
Decide possibilities of where to have it and research, research, research. Using the number of guests on your list that you think will be able to come, see how much it will cost for your group to stay in the locations you are considering. See approximately how much shirt/outfits, decorations, and extracurricular activities (such as a dance class) will cost. Determine how much gas and other expenses may add up to. Once you have a range of total cost (we are going to use 1400-1800 as an example), divide it by the number of guests coming minus the bride (8 for our example). So 1600/8 gives us about $200 a person. This is important to know before contacting potential guests.

Then, decide which way would be best to communicate with everyone on your list. I would recommend contacting each guest individually before adding them to a group text or group on Facebook so they have the opportunity to privately let you know if they doubt they could afford to come or can not come for other reasons. Once you have a group though, this is a great way to bounce ideas off each other, set a deadline for payment, etc.

Once you know how many people will be attending, the fun begins. Actual planning.

Now that you know who is coming, throw out three dates/weekends you have in mind to see if one of them works for everyone. The date that ended up working for all of us was the weekend before my friend’s wedding. Yes this is a stressful time for a Bride, but that is just more reason to get her away for the weekend before and have her swear not to stress about the wedding while gone. **Be willing to help with any stress the week before her wedding when y’all get back though**

I decided on Pittsburg, PA because I was surprising my friend and I knew she’d never guess it. We’re both Bengals fans! Plus I knew people from there who could help me make sure we were in a good area. She did not know where we were going during the four hour drive until we were 15 minutes away. She didn’t know the other bridesmaid was coming until I sent her to the airport with someone while I stayed back with someone else to decorate!

Let’s talk about where to stay. I would highly highly recommend using sites such as to book a house or apartment rather than a hotel. This makes hanging out during the weekend and getting ready more fun. It becomes something you all do together. If you are looking for a place in Pittsburg, PA and have 6 people or less, this link shows where we stayed and I cannot say enough good things about the place. Contact me if you have any specific questions about the place or anything else.

Alright, still tracking with me? DECORATIONS! This is one part I’m really excited to write about. Let’s stop to appreciate how beautiful these decorations turned out…

Pinterest was my best friend! I made a private board just for her Bachelorette party and tried to put together a classy Bachelorette party plan!

From Hobby Lobby:
Milk Jars
Letters on the KISS THE MISS GOODBYE frame and the bags
Picture Frame
Ring Stickers
White and Silver marble plates
Purple Crate
Chalk Board and Chalk
Cost: Approx $65

From Party City:
Tissue Paper
Candles and Candle Holders
Silver Take Out Boxes
Purple and Black decorations hanging from fan
Tank Tops (that you will see later)
Cost: Approx $90

One cool idea is to do Before and After pictures with a nice backdrop. We did!

Let’s Talk Games!
-21 Questions: I sent these questions to the groom to answer. Friday night I asked the Bride each question. If she got it right, we each had to take a drink. If she got it wrong, she had to take two drinks.

Where did you two first meet?

What was your first official date?

When is your anniversary?

What is your biggest pet peeve?

If you could get rid of anything in Bride’s wardrobe, what article of clothing would you?

What one thing of yours would Bride most want to throw away?

What one thing did you care about most in terms of the wedding?

Do you think Bride is sexiest in a sundress, jeans and a tank top, lingerie or pajamas?

Complete this sentence: I knew I had found the love of my life when she ____________________.

Complete the following sentence: “A perfect wife is one who __________________________”

You’ve gone to Kroger to pick up milk. On a whim, you decide to get Bride a little surprise treat. What would the treat be?

What is the wildest place you two ever had sex?

At what time of the day would Bride most likely try to seduce you?

What is your dream car?

Who is your celebrity crush?

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

What would you want to eat at your last meal?

If you could live anywhere is the world where would you choose?

What is the one song you like but will never admit? (You have to admit it here though lol)

What is your favorite band?

What is your favorite TV show?

What is your favorite body part of Bride’s?

What is your favorite thing about Bride’s personality?

When Bride says, “Groom, they’re playing our song” what song are they playing?

Complete the following sentence: “When Bride wakes up in the morning my _____ is usually on her _____.”

-Underwear game: We each purchased underwear that represented our friendship or a memory with the Bride. That is what was in the silver take out boxes that spelled out BRIDE. She then had to guess who got her which pair.

Last of the planning:
-Plan some kind of event or appointment that you know the bride will enjoy! Whether that’s a massage, dancing, karaoke, etc. Make this weekend one that she will look back on with fond memories!

-Wherever you go out at night, make her feel special! Look around where you are going to see what place does something special for Bachelorette parties! I spoke with Buckhead Saloon before hand and they offered an awesome Bachelorette package:

Reserved tables area decorated w/balloons. Must claim reservation by 10 pm
$3 U Call Its 10 pm – 12 am (includes all well & call liquor, all draft beer)
$1 kamikazis 10 pm – 12 am
Round of Sex on The Beach Shots
Complimentary Champagne
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
Personal Server
DJ Shout Out
Complimentary 16″ pizza pie, cheese or pepperoni, anytime after 12:30 am!

Our server was amazing and the DJ was pretty fantastic! Definitely recommend going here if you ever have the chance. Even if the bride is not a drinker, take her out to a nice dinner and figure something out similar to make her feel special. This is her last (or one of her last) weekends as a MISS and you want her looking back appreciating the thought you put into it all.

Here is the overall itinerary starting Friday:
5:30 PM : Left Dayton to head towards Pittsburg
10:15 PM : Arrive at House
**Started decorating while Bride and Matron of Honor went to airport**
11:45 PM : Ordered Rialto’s Pizza and Cookies (Which were great!)
Midnight : Pizza, Cookies, and Bride arrive back to the house
Midnight-3AM : singing, dancing, talking, 21 Questions game. All in all just having a good time.
9AM : Coffee Run and Getting Ready
11AM : Underwear Game
Noon : Lunch at Chipotle (because it’s awesome and they have Queso now!)
2PM-3:30PM : Walk in the Park
3:45 : Fun Dancing Class because the Bride loves to dance!!
5PM : Back to the house to get ready to go out.
6:30-7 PM : Played Cards until Uber arrived.
7:30 PM : Arrived at Buckhead Saloon
12:30PM : Headed back to house to finish up the night.
11AM : Checkout and started the drive back.
Noon : Grabbed Brunch at Panera
5PM : Arrived back in Dayton

Okay, now the HICCUP 🙈
I recommend having guests pay when committing or by a certain day…my hiccups would have been prevented by just doing this. 3 guests (if y’all are reading this, don’t worry. I made it through and still love y’all ❤) had to cancel for one reason or another. Because I had not received definitive answers and/or pay I waited to book the room. This ended up being a good call because we needed to get a smaller place. But it was a stressful call because I then had to wait until the day we were leaving to buy ALL decorations and tank tops (which limited which I could get). I also did not book the room until 4:30PM…One hour before we got on the road. This made the day we left pretty stressful for me but two things I made sure of was to forget about the stress when the trip started and to make sure my friend (the beautiful bride to be) did not know a thing about the stress! If she’s reading this, she’s probably just now learning that I bought all the decorations the day of. I made sure to have a plan in mind before hand and luckily was able to execute it!

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Until next time, make sure to keep on living and loving life ❤

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