Missed Memories

It is absolutely crazy that six years can seem like yesterday while also feeling like an eternity ago.

So many highs you weren’t here to celebrate and so many lows you weren’t here for me to lean on…

This past year your name carried on. James Ray Daley III is only ten months old and already walking and even telling us “I love you”.



Unfortunately we went through another hard loss this year of Courtney. James Jr. has your heart and loves with everything in him and it broke with everything in him this past June 💔 There have been a lot of struggles these months but I pulled out my letters you wrote me while I was in BMT and hearing your words always helps me through the tough times.

“Let me start by saying I love you and that I am so proud of you. I know that you will overcome any and all obstacles that you come across. I do miss you with all of my heart. I would love to have a hug from my Southern Belle. Now, make sure you stay focused mentally and physically. You are a Daley”.

Even though you’re not here today, you live on through the legacy you left ❤️

There are so many things I wish I wouldn’t have taken for granite. I was all so use to you always being there, just a phone call away. I never imagined the day that I wouldn’t be able to hug you anymore, call you anymore, or to tell you just how much I love you would have been so early on in life.

The simple hug that can say the world, is often times taken for granted. A hug that says I’m sorry. A hug that says everything is going to be okay. I hug that says I love you.

Instead of getting a hug yesterday, I only got a visual reminder from your headstone of what I emotionally am reminded of everyday for the last six years…my world is not the same without you and it never will be. We have learned to embrace the new normal and find joy in our new memories with those we love but we wish your were here to be apart of the new memories.

I will love and miss you forever and always Daddio💔

-Your Southern Belle

12 Replies to “Missed Memories”

    1. So sorry for your loss Julia 😢 Like I said it’s a new normal…I don’t think I’ll ever get use to him not being here and honestly don’t think I would want to ❤

  1. Hugs and love your way! I lost my father when I was 6. The impact of such a loss spans years. I felt his loss the most when I got to my teens. The wound never heals but the pain becomes bearable. You’ll get there, stay strong!

    1. So sorry you lost your father so young 😢 It was hard enough at 19…sending hugs and love your way as well ❤ there are some times that are harder than others but I try to stay strong!

  2. Wish I was there to give you a hug, hun. Thank you for the courage to post this very personal account. I can see in your words that you really Love each other. It is been 25+ years since my mother‘s transition and every day I feel her presence. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of her or talk to her. I take comfort in knowing that she lives through me. May you learn what you need, be open to love, and know that he lives on through you too. Blessings, Hugs & Light ❤️

    1. Thank you so much Evelyn ❤ So sorry about your mother 😢 Having them live on through us definitely helps. I was watching the show This Is Us the other night when I heard someone say something so true. It’s hard because every joyful moment moving forward is accompanied by a little bit of sadness 💔❤️

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